May 7, 2014 Eastern Colorado - ColoradoStormChaser

May 7, 2014 Eastern Colorado

Date: 7 May 2014

Location: Eastern CO Chase

Partner: Tami Griffin

Summary: The first chase day for me for 2014. It started out as a very tough decision to go chasing or go see a concert that was in Denver that night. As the model runs came in for the day I chose to go chasing. There was a pocket of EHI in the corner of NE Colorado and just enough CAPE to get things going. We left around 1500 MDT as storms began to fire off the Palmer Divide. We had to punch the core between Byers and Last Chance where about 2-3" of hail covered Highway 36. We chased this storm until around the Akron area when it really started to get into that pocket of EHI. It wasn't long after this it dropped a very picturesque rope tornado that lasted a few minutes and then dissipated. I reported the tornado to NWS Boulder and soon after found out from Tony Laubach that The Weather Channel picked up my live feed and was going to call me. We sat and watched some crazy inflow going into this storm sucking up dust like a Dyson vacuum. We started heading north on a back road somewhere SW of Otis when I went live on TWC with Kelly Cass, Paul Goodloe and Jim Cantore. As I was talking to Jim Cantore what I thought initially was a huge gustnado was actually a landspout tornado. We streamed that live for about 10 minutes on TWC before it finally was undercut by storm outflow and died. The storm had great radar signature on it for the next couple of hours and we chased it to Holyoke where the signature on radar just didn't match what we saw visually. Visually it was dead. We called it a day just east of Holyoke and made our way back home. In the end, as much as I want to see the concert, the decision to chase really paid off. This turned into my only tornado day for 2014 in what was a meager chase season at best for me.

The Day 1 Convective Outlook

The Day 1 Convective Outlook

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