Western, KS May 16, 2013 - ColoradoStormChaser

Western, KS May 16, 2013

Date: 16 May 2013

Location: Western KS – Edson to near Winona.

Summary:   Headed east out of Elizabeth to a Goodland, KS Target. Storms began to fire even before I left home in Yuma County, CO. I debated about even going but the little voice in my head said it was chase season, get your ass out and chase! So I shot out the door and headed to Goodland. I was getting reports from Scott Hammel as he was on the storms while they were still in CO and decided I was going to head to Edson and just wait for them. As the storm approached it really wasn’t that impressive. There were a number of gustnadoes out ahead of it as it was outflow dominant pretty much the entire chase. I stair stepped on the back roads to stay ahead of it. It just never could come together. I chased it to near Winona and called it a day. One of those days I should have listened to my gut instead of looking at the radar and going bonkers.

High based and unimpressive as it approaches Edson, KS.

High based and unimpressive as it approaches Edson, KS.

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