Jetmore, KS Monster Supercell May 30, 2012 - ColoradoStormChaser

Jetmore, KS Monster Supercell May 30, 2012

Date: 30 May 2012

Location: Jetmore, KS

Chase Partners: Griffin McLaughlin, Scott Hammel, Tara Spencer, Kim Spencer

Summary: Left Denver on the evening of the 29th and spent the night in Garden City, KS. The next morning after looking at forecast models we decided on a target near Minneola, KS. Spent a good portion of the day there fighting computer issues and finally got things rolling good enough to chase the storms that fired up near I-70 and were tracking SE. We shot back up to Dodge City and then up to a point just south of Ness, City, KS. We watch and chased a storm that had shown promise but could just never get its act together enough to mature. Meanwhile another storm formed to the north of this one and was tracking toward us. We moved to a point just south of Jetmore, KS to watch this beast come in. As it approached we just got rolled by it before we could get back to Hwy 283. We punched back through the leading edge and got far enough south to get some awesome shots of it as it fully matured south of Jetmore. Before we could get pulled off Scott noticed one of his tires was starting to deflate. We got our shots of the approaching storm, then Griffin and I tore south to get ready to do a NASCAR type tire change on his ride. I carry a NASCAR type car jack in my truck because it sucks getting a flat tire in the middle of a chase and having it take forever to change. So we pulled into the rest area just E of DDC and waiting for Scott to limp in. As he pulled in things seemed to be a little awkward in getting his vehicle prepped to change the tire. After a couple miscues, we got it jacked, tire changed and back on the road in I would say something like 5 minutes…..the biggest time consuming thing about the entire process was trying to figure out how to get his spare tire off its mount! After we got the tire changed we were cored and just decided to wait it out rather than try to get back out ahead of the storm. With Scott’s vehicle on the donut wheel, we thought it would be better all the way around to just to call it a day. We stopped on the outskirts of DDC and took some great sunset shots and even some cloud to cloud lightning.

Scott doing his “CAPE Punch!”

Scott doing his “CAPE Punch!”

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